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Motivational Speaker and Workshop Leader

Dayna Dunbar has spoken at over 120 events and locations. At libraries, conventions, conferences, prisons, fundraisers, churches and schools, she has given presentations that are uplifting, empowering and entertaining. Appealing to audiences from high school kids to maximum-security inmates to seniors, Dayna shares her message in a deeply personal way using her own life as fertile soil for stories of hope and overcoming hardship that flow in a natural and tangible way for her listeners.


While she can and does talk specifically about the writing and creative process, Dayna caters her talks for any audience and occasion that calls for a positive and motivating speaker with a proven and practiced approach for reaching people.


Below are some comments about Dayna's presentations:


Dayna Dunbar's visit with our students has been one of the highlights of our school year. Her presentation was funny, informative, and inspiring. She struck just the right balance in speaking about her own background, having dreams and fulfilling them and the writing process. Dayna appealed to our students because she was very genuine and showed a sincere interest in them and the comments they made. She spent time talking to each student whose book she autographed. One of them remarked to us that I'm going to start her book tonight!

Rose Mary Story

Library Media Specialist

Putnam City North High School


I heard Dayna Dunbar speak at the Sedona Author's Luncheon in April of 2007.

I was moved by her down-to-earth communication of her struggle along the way

to be taken seriously as an artist/writer. Also, by her dogged determination in the face of "authorities" who wanted to mold her in their pre-determined image of success. Dayna tells her story with open honesty that engages the audience to be with her in the discovery process. Her's is a spiritual journey in the unfolding of her creativity. Dayna's story is valuable to all ages and genders. Being a strong advocate for the nurturing of young girls in their self-esteem, I couldn't help but think that every young teenage girl would profit by exposure to this dynamic young artist!

Claudia R. Ault


Thank you so much for sharing your strength and wisdom last night. Your presence during your sharing was spellbinding. I will definitely be looking up your book.

Cindy Hollis


Dayna brings a message of hope and personal transformation to men incarcerated at William S. Key Correctional Center.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION FOR STUDENTS: For high school students, Dayna has assembled a fun, visual, engaging Powerpoint presentation about her life growing up in a small town and her path to fulfilling her dream of becoming an author. Facing many challenges as a child that included alcoholism in the family, domestic violence, divorce and poverty, Dayna is able to relate to the students in a powerful way by opening up about these painful experiences.

In addition, she shares the poor choices she made as a teenager and young adult that took her away from success - the choices based on insecurity and fear. Then she moves into how she finally began to write, to listen to her own inner voice, her creativity, and move in the direction of her dreams. Besides this, Dayna discusses her books and how she came up with the stories, characters and settings. She teaches students about the creative process and how it takes a combination of discipline, perseverance, having fun and doing what they love to be successful at writing or at any endeavor they pursue. By acting as an example and sharing her enthusiasm and down to earth wisdom, she leaves the students believing that they can follow their hearts desires and truly enjoy what they do for a living.


High school students, from freshmen to seniors, love reading Dayna's books. Have the students read and study one of them in class or for extra credit before Dayna's visit. Knowing her work gets the students excited about the visit and adds energy and fun to the program It also engages them in the creative process.


Dayna's fees for the 2007-2009 school years are $1250 per day or $675 per half day (all expenses included.) Payment for school visits is expected at time of presentations.

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