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As a memoir ghostwriter, I author books based on my clientsí life stories that are officially credited to them. I do this through a process of intimate conversations and interviews with them to mine the depths of the story, and then I turn those interviews into a book. With a Masterís degree in Spiritual Psychology, I have a unique background in life coaching that helps me in this work. I am able to assist people in a safe and affirmative way to bring out what can sometimes be challenging life material. My experience as a successful novelist comes into play as well because my own books are semi-autobiographical. Writing stories based on real lifeóboth my own and othersíóand turning them into books is what I have been doing for over twenty years.


If you want to turn your story into a book, and you are not a born writer or donít have time to write yourself, the first step is to have an in depth conversation with me about your project. Please contact me at or at (310) 863-8530 to set up a complementary session.


If you want to find out more about me, ghostwriting, and some of my clients, please read on.


Rest assured, if you are looking for someone to write your story, you are in fine company. Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Johnnie Cochran are among hundreds of celebrities who have hired ghostwriters to tell the story of their lives. For more about memoir ghostwriters, see NPR's article, "So You Need A Celebrity Book. Who You Gonna Call? Ghostwriters."


But you donít have to be a celebrity to have a great story. In fact, being someone who is an outcast or at least different from other people is one of the themes that a good memoir can take. Other interesting themes and subjects include overcoming adversity, coming of age, pursuit of justice, profound spiritual experience, breaking out of cultural conditioning, family, travel, sports and much more. There are unlimited possibilities!


Here are some of the reasons my clients have wanted to share their stories. Perhaps you are like one of them and:


® You have had something unusual or remarkable happen in your life that you believe would make a great book. One of my clients was injured in a horrific accident because of corporate negligence. He wanted to share his fascinating story of survival and his pursuit of justice.


® You want to leave a legacy for your family, friends and community. The most heart wrenching work Iíve ever done was for a client who got a critical diagnosis at a very young age. He wanted to leave the story of his life, his courageous effort to overcome the illness, and the lessons he had learned for his wife, young children, friends, his community and for the world. My client passed away in the middle of the project, but because of his wish to leave his legacy, his wife chose to have me finish writing his memoir.


® You want to teach others what you have learned. This could be in the form of spiritual memoir like Michael Singerís latest book, The Surrender Experiment or Elizabeth Gilbertís Eat, Pray, Love. One of my clients came from the poverty of a Third World upbringing and rose above it to become a spiritual teacher and media producer in Los Angeles. She wanted to share her interesting life story as well as the wisdom she had learned along the way.


If you are interested in having a conversation with me about ghostwriting your memoir, please contact me for a complementary in depth session to discuss your project.


Dayna Dunbar,, (310) 863-8530