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My coaching practice started over three years ago after several people asked me to edit their work or help them overcome blocks to getting in touch with their creativity so they could follow their dream of writing. With a master's degree in spiritual psychology in which I� learned how to counsel others by actually doing so, and a significant history of writing screenplays and novels, a formalized coaching practice seemed, blessedly, to find me rather than me seeking it. I have worked with a wide range of clients; those who have never written but have a desire to do so, fiction and non-fiction writers, memoirists, published authors, and first-timers with finished manuscripts. My services include line and story editing, character development, as well as help with style, structure, and form. I have assisted clients in writing non-fiction book proposals, memoirs, novels and even grant proposals. Having gone through the process of finding an agent and getting published myself, I have a unique, inside perspective regarding the business of writing. I have coached many people on how to write a query letter to agents, how to find an agent for your particular work, what to do and what not to do when attending a writer's conference and working with agents and publishers.


In addition to coaching clients about the nuts and bolts of writing, editing and getting published, I work with them on healing any blocks or issues that arise during the writing process. So often, people have great ideas and intentions about writing but find that there is something within that is keeping them from taking the steps to fulfillment. Not only this, but even when they do begin writing, it is frequently from an inauthentic place inside, and this makes for material that is uninspired. I have been through all of this personally on my own writing journey, and now I have worked with many others as well. What I do when a client is facing these obstacles is work with him or her, through proven, powerful techniques, to uncover the source of the issue so that it can be healed and the client can move forward with confidence and creativity. Some of the most rewarding experiences in my life have come from witnessing and assisting in these breakthroughs.

What my clients are saying:


Working with Dayna has been a pleasure.  So much so, that my writing has been transformed from ego-centric ranting into noteworthy material.  In fact, a well published author has decided to take my book proposal to the top publishers for consideration. I believe with every fiber of my being that would not have happened had I not worked with Dayna.  If you are serious about writing meaningful content, Dayna is the perfect coach for you. Julie Steelman, Kona, Hawaii


This connection is a miracle for me, and I am grateful for your guidance on my path.  The difficulty with me in feeling things so fully, is it is often difficult to find any words that can match what is on my heart.  Good thing I have a writing coach to help me work through that Cheryl P., Norman, Oklahoma


I have been fortunate enough to have found Dayna when I was just
beginning the process of writing my book.  I have found that Dayna's unique experience as an award-winning novelist combined with her indepth insight into the human psyche through her  training in
Spiritual psychology have proven to be the ideal sounding board from  which I can draw the fundamental guidance I've needed in developing my skills as a writer. She not only has an uncanny grasp of the  fundamentals of the written expression, she also has a deep sense of clarity in  the development of thoughts, concepts, ideas, character and dialogue, which  she is capable of presenting
within a most caring and safe loving space.
Jane Gehr, Encino, California


"I'm so happy and grateful to have Dayna as my writing coach. She is a writer and editor who is always loving and supportive. As a published author, Dayna has much experience and wisdom to share on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. What I most appreciate about her, though, is her unique combination of gifts. Not only is she wonderful at teaching me how to be a more effective writer, along the way she uses her innate wisdom and intuition to help me identify and remove any blocks that get in the way of me doing what I really love to do. Write. I'm able to tap into my creativity and express myself as a writer. Dayna is a gifted and generous coach and a wonderful person. I consider it a privilege to work with her." - Marianne Urbano, New Haven, Connecticut



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